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Ceramic Long Handle Brilliant Teaspoon Gold-Plated Dessert Spoon

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A common household object, the spoon in many traditional cultures has acquired a special role in a range of rituals since ancient times. A few museum collections feature spoons in various sizes and shapes made depending on the era from clay, stone, and wood. Make your moments and table special with these beautiful and easily washable spoons. 

Model Number: Spoons
Material: Stainless Steel
Type 1: Stirring Spoons
Type 2: Dessert Spoons, Chic Coffee Stirring Spoon
Type 3: Teaspoons
Type 4: Fruit Fork
Type 5: Dinnerware
Type 6: Tableware Stainless Steel Tableware
Type 7: Ceramic Long Handle
Type 8: Hight tea
Type 9: Gold-plated
Type 10: Chic Exquisite Spoon
Type 11: Metal Spoon

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